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To create a custom pupil group, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Pupil Manager module, select the Custom Group Manager tab:
  2. Select the Custom Pupil Groups tab:
  3. Click  Create a New Group. The Selection Management window is displayed:
  4. Enter a name and short description for your custom pupil group in the fields available.
  5. Choose a Selection Category from the drop down list displayed.
    Custom pupil groups are listed under categories in the pupil record tabs, making them easier to organise and locate. Click  to add a new category to the drop down list available, if required.
  6. Use the Shared Selection checkboxes to control who can view and edit the custom pupil group.
  7. Either:
    • Check the Disable Expiry Date box and the custom pupil group is set up indefinitely.
    • Uncheck the Disable Expiry Date box and enter an expiry date for the custom pupil group. This is a useful housekeeping tool, once a field trip is complete the custom pupil group is listed as expired.
  8. Click  Save New Selection.
    You are prompted Do you wish to add pupils?
  9. Either:

Add Pupils to a New Custom Pupil Group

The Manage Groups window is displayed when you select to add pupils to a new custom pupil group:

To add pupils to your new custom pupil group, follow the steps below:

  1. Use the filters available to list pupils to select:
  2. Hold Ctrl to make multiple selections. Each selection you make filters the pupil records further.
  3. Check the boxes next to pupil records to select them. Use the checkbox in the header bar to select all the records listed.
  4. Click Save & Add More and continue to add more pupils. This is optional.
  5. Click Save & Close once you have completed adding pupils to the group.
    You are prompted Are you sure you want to add the selected students to this group?
  6. Select Yes.
    The custom pupil group is listed in the Custom Pupil Groups tab:
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